Our Vision and Mission


A world with abundant, sustainable food production enabled by openly shared artificial intelligence.


We empower farmers and agricultural researchers worldwide by providing open access to AI datasets, models and collaboration tools to drive innovation in the agricultural sector.

About us

We are an open community platform bringing together stakeholders across the agricultural sector to advance artificial intelligence for sustainable farming. Our non-profit initiative was founded in 2023 to promote open access to AI datasets, models and collaboration tools that can transform productivity.

Our Services

Provides access to curated datasets for major crops, farm conditions, climate patterns, soil health indicators, and other agricultural data.

Enables open sharing and collaboration on data standardization, quality assurance, and governance.

For more Information

Interested to learn more about how we’re advancing artificial intelligence for agriculture? Want to get involved in our open initiatives? Get in touch to access our latest open data releases, AI models, learning programs and collaboration opportunities. We actively welcome new partners and contributors to our platforms.